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Yelp claims that their automated software that makes the recommendation selections is unbiased. The Yelp video that explains their recommendation software (complete video found here) says "...every Yelp review is automatically evaluated by Yelp's recommendation software based on quality, reliability and user activity on Yelp. More often than not, those useful reviews come from active members of the Yelp community. Our recommendation software is looking for reviews from people whose opinions, positive or negative, we feel are helpful and reliable to consumers. Currently about 75% of reviews are recommended. We try not to highlight reviews by users we don't know much about, those that might be fakes, or rants and raves. Reviews that Yelp doesn't recommend can still be seen via a link at the bottom of each businesses profile page but they don't factor into the businesses overall Yelp star rating or review count...".

Goldrush Getaways has 205 reviews on Yelp (as of October 18th, 2021), 131 of which are recommended. That means 64% of our reviews (131/205) are "recommended", which has come up from 54% since 2016, but is still not in line with the 75% that Yelp says are recommended overall (quoted in paragraph above). Also, 63 of our 90 one star reviews are factored in to our Yelp rating and are recommended; 70% of all our one star reviews are recommended, which is 11% higher than our overall review recommendation percentage. Of the recommended one star reviews, 36 of the 63 (or 57%) have zero, one or two friends and less than 5 reviews; not exactly the active Yelpers that the video suggests is what Yelp looks for to recommend a review. Also, many of these one star reviews date back to 2012 or 2013, so those reviews stick around while newer and more relevant reviews are filtered. We have 77 five star reviews of which 41 are recommended. That means only 53% of our five star reviews are recommended, which is much lower than the overall 64% of total reviews and the 70% one star recommended review percentages. The math is clearly still slanted against us, so we feel the need to point out the imbalance of our recommended reviews.

We don't feel that Yelp is out to get us. We just want everyone to be aware that Yelp filters customer reviews with an automated system, Yelp recommends reviews that Goldrush Getaways can prove contain false information, and that Yelp recommends reviews without verifying claims made by the reviewer. Yelp is permitted by law to allow someone to libel our company on their website. Yelp will not take down a review purely based on a false claim as their response is that they don't take sides. As a small business, all we can do is reply to the review, which is at least visible to the public. It appears that Yelp thinks a review from over 9 years ago from a person that received a marketing mailer but never even visited our business, has no friends (on Yelp) and only 1 review is more credible that a review from yesterday from one of our actual members that has been a customer for years. We only ask that you keep all of this information in mind. We welcome both positive and negative feedback from the public and our members. We view negative feedback as an opportunity to learn and to improve our product and our service. Thank you.

Yelp does say that reviews change over time. We have seen a slight improvement over the past two years, so we are confident that time will rectify the current imbalance.

    • Kim E.
    • Santa Cruz, CA
    • 0 friends
    • 5 reviews

    Jessica at Goldrush in Campbell is a great trainer; we really feel well taken care of in the classes.

    Maria, the travel agent went above and beyond to help me get set up AND to get a great rate and airline seat!! Wow! When do you ever get travel help that exceeds your expectations today?

    • Carl D.
    • San Jose, CA
    • 20 friends
    • 117 reviews

    Better than most of these kinds of companies.

    Angelo gave the pitch and was entertaining.
    We went to happy hour before so we weren't hungry and were relaxed.
    The sales pitch And deal are better than time shares and much less pressure. If you stay at condos or take cruises then it might be worth the cost.
    Overall this is the only positive rating I have ever given to this type of company.
    Goldrush deserves it for a relatively clear pitch and polite reasonable pressure sales.

    • Judy B.
    • Walnut Creek, CA
    • 206 friends
    • 3 reviews

    My husband and I signed up for a chance to win a free trip at a Home Expo in Concord. We were notified that we were qualified to win free roundtrip airfare to either San Diego or Vegas and 2 nights of hotel. All we had to do was to attend the Goldrush Getaways presentation in San Jose, about an hour from where we live. We attended the presentation yesterday, and even though we expected the "hard sell," on something - we weren't sure what, we still decided that it'd be worth it to get the prizes. Well, I was stressed when we arrived, but we were treated with courtesy. We did have to show our IDs and a credit card (as a form of ID only), which was fine. Then, we were led back to a small room with tables where the presentation was being given. A salesperson sat at each couple's table and asked us to fill in a form about where we'd like to travel and where we've been - again very casual. The presentation itself was only about an hour, and it was professional and laid back at the same time. We were given all of the important info up front - including price etc, which was really refreshing.

    After the presentation, a salesperson came to speak with us. The conversation was casual - no hard sell at all and no "making us feel bad" if we didn't buy. We did have genuine questions, which the salesperson answered for us. He also left us alone to speak, as a couple, so that we could determine whether or not this was a fit for us. We were treated with the utmost courtesy and felt like we were given the opportunity to actually be open-minded and truly consider the opportunity being offered to us. Now, we've been victims to a LOT of hard sells in our day, including time shares, etc, and our experience at Goldrush was a refreshing departure from all of that.

    In the end, we decided that this wasn't a fit for us right now because of career and our kids' school time constraints, mostly, but we had such a good experience at Goldrush that we are considering them in the future, and we would recommend them. Oh, and we were given certificates for our roundtrip airfares and hotel. We do have to mail in the certificate and go through a bit of red tape to redeem it. The whole experience was good.

    • Danielle M.
    • Sacramento, CA
    • 512 friends
    • 152 reviews

    I don't know anything about their time share stuff, as I just reached out to them to book my first 20 day trip to Europe. Italy, Greece, Spain, France, and England in 20 days and including a cruise.

    Deidre P is helping us with in country flights, our cruise, our US to Europe fights, and little things like train tickets too.

    She's been super helpful with our price points and our restrictions as well as informing us on stuff we'd have no idea about being rookies at this.

    I would highly recommend them for overseas travel planning.

    • Donna A.
    • Vacaville, CA
    • 0 friends
    • 2 reviews

    I have been a member of Goldrush for over ten years. If you actually book travel for others or for yourselves you will make more money than you pay. I have found the employees of Goldrush to be very helpful and they provide a lot of training. You get what you put into it. I have never had a problem receiving my commissions. Most of the negative reviews on Yelp are from people who did not even give the program a chance. If you seriously want to be a travel agent and you want to receive the training to do so then the program is worth it.

    • Diana H.
    • Claremont, CA
    • 0 friends
    • 1 reviews

    As an (outside) travel agent for Goldrush Getaways I'm writing a different review. I had the pleasure of booking a flight & cruise vacation for 13 clients. To say the least was a bit overwhelmed and needed help from the staff at Goldrush.

    My first contact was with Elizabeth Chandler at the Citrus Heights office. Even though I work out of Rancho Cucamonga and happened to call the wrong office she was at once extremely professional, friendly and helpful in booking the cruise portion of this trip to Denmark.
    Since I do work out of the Rancho office I then received help from Deidre Pfister-Williams for booking airline flights for 9 clients. She was so wonderful in taking all my calls and researching all the problems (and fixing some). She suggested different sights to go to find hotels and both Elizabeth and Deidre answered many, and I mean many questions I asked them with a smile and understanding, and sometimes even a laugh or two. I really don't know what I would have done without the guidance and friendly help of these two wonderful employees.
    If anyone ever needs help in finding and booking, do not hesitate in calling GoldRush Getaways for all your vacation needs.

    • Laura W.
    • San Jose, CA
    • 15 friends
    • 7 reviews

    We just returned from the "free" cruise, a 7 day trip to the Mexican Riviera. I didn't find any bate and switch with this at all. We were told upfront about the taxes and fees, it is on the form that advertises it. We were told about the cheap flights, with multiple stop overs. We were told that we had to jump through a few hoops and to just be patient. We ended up upgrading for a very low fee to same day flights and an balcony room. What we paid was significantly less than if we had tried to book any of this ourselves. In addition we got a few freebies for our affiliation with Goldrush. In fact, by our calculations, it was significantly less than the cost to stay in a hotel for 7 nights. We think we saved about $1,200. It wasn't free, but it was a deal and we had a blast. Thanks Goldrush!

    • Veronica R.
    • Los Gatos, CA
    • 18 friends
    • 39 reviews

    I don't travel without travel insurance and anybody who doesn't will if anything ever happens to you especially in a foreign country where you are vulnerable and hurt! Anyways....Robert was awesome. I knew (kinda) what I needed for this trip and he made sure I had what I needed and even followed up with me after. Great service and friendly. I felt like I'd known him for years! Thank you, Robert!

    • Adrienne W
    • Elk Grove, CA
    • 17 friends
    • 6 reviews

    My first visit was on Sunday Oct 30. Initially, I thought this would be one of those time share presentations. I was mistaken. It actually is a presentation regarding discounts on travel. I was very impressed by the information I received. I do travel often, so I was able to compare what I pay compared to the discounted rate. I definitely will benefit from this program.

    I was treated very fairly and didn't feel pressed at all. All the staff were friendly and nice. There were accommodations made for me to be able to purchase a plan that was suitable financially. That is exactly What I did. Once I got home and went through my finances, I realized that I would be stretching myself thin. I was contacted on Mon Oct 31, by a member services representative, to confirm my purchase. It was then that I had the conversation with her that I needed to cancel my membership. Through no fault of the company or any individual employee. I received top grade treatment and respect. The membership service representative was absolutely awesome. She completely understood my situation and didn't give me a hard time. She also gave me the voucher that I was promised, when I scheduled the initial appointment. I regret that at this time I can't keep the membership because I see the value in saving a few dollars and having the finances to travel more often. I will definitely return to purchase a membership as soon as I can afford it.

    For those of you that have had bad experiences and didn't get the treatment and service I received is saddening. But hopefully you will reconsider and give them another try.

    • George T.
    • South San Francisco, CA
    • 0 friends
    • 1 reviews

    My wife and I purchased a membership a little less than a year ago (June 2015). I am a former timeshare owner, so I am well aware that you get what you pay for. The cruise IS free, but I'll go more into that later.

    I knew from their presentation that it would take some work to learn how to become a Travel Agent. The sales people do NOT mislead you. I knew I would need to attend the classes and spend time on the website and travel agent portals if I was to get anything out of my membership fee. The impression I get from those who give negative reviews is they all seem to think they won't have to do any work to get something out of their investment.

    Goldrush's annual fee is peanuts compared with time share annual/quarterly/monthly dues, and the initial signup fee is far less than a timeshare purchase. If you don't want to learn anything and want all the work done for you, get a time share. Spend all your vacations in condos. But if you want a variety of travel opportunities, become a Goldrush member. You have a choice of cruises, resorts, tours and more. Also you'll have plenty of access to condos and they are all over the world. Most time share companies require an additional RCI membership to go outside their State-side inventory.

    My wife and I are approaching our late 50's. We are at that age where we want to travel, as the kids are grown, and we figure it will take a few years to build up a clientele once we retire. In less than a year we've made back almost half our initial investment when we combine the savings and commissions. By the end of next year we'll be out of the red.

    The only reason I gave 4 starts instead of 5 is the classes are located in Campbell and Citrus Heights. We live in South San Francisco, so we are locked into attending only Saturday classes (which they have every Saturday). I would like to attend their week night classes, but the distance is just too far during commute times, but once we retire they will be more accessible to us. There classes are also live webinars.

    About the free cruise: it is not from Goldrush. It is from the marketing company they hire to get people to come to the sales presentation. A fully refundable deposit must be placed in order to secure a reservation. Once the reservation is made you get your money back or you can opt to upgrade and use these funds. Our deposit was $200 and upgraded from bunk beds to an inside stateroom with a king size bed, paying an additional $69. So we got a 4-day cruise round trip out of Long Beach to Avalon and Ensenada for $269 total for both of us. I can't say I would recommend it, nor would I do it again, but it was worth $269.

    • John C
    • Vacaville, CA
    • 0 friends
    • 2 reviews

    I must say, the reviews are encouraging. I very recently became a member out of the Citrus Heights office because I like to travel with my family and when I do, I like to do so in style. Since I have not yet used my membership and have not taken the HI getaways that I won, I am relying on these reviews to get an idea of what I bought.

    General consensus from reviews:
    * Didn't buy, unhappy with 3rd party gift or sales strategy = 1 star
    * Bought and used their membership = 5 star and raving about either the previous trip or an upcoming one and the quality of customer service received.

    Thank you for clearing up the mixed reviews with such consistency.

    • Johanna W.
    • Sloughhouse, CA
    • 0 friends
    • 3 reviews

    We are so happy that we signed up with Goldrush. From our first visit everything has been so positive . The sales people were just great, they took their time to answer all of our questions and the whole staff is so helpful. We are going on our second trip using Goldrush, of course the office staff has helped me with booking everything and I still get 100% of the commission. We are going to Europe and just on our airfare (business) we are saving over $4000.00. also saving on the hotels and cruise not to mention we still get that wonderful commission. We are retired and love to travel and Goldrush is diffidently the answer for us.

    My husband and I are so very happy with Goldrush, we are still learning new ways to save every day. Sincerely, Johanna

    • Brittny N.
    • Bangor, CA
    • 2 friends
    • 2 reviews

    Great Company! Very Friendly and great service

    • Sandra C.
    • Sacramento, CA
    • 0 friends
    • 2 reviews

    I just left Goldrush Getaways. Elizabeth was amazing!! She was so helpful. Was able to book a cruise for less then expected. She was a fountain of information. She made me feel at ease. Thank you Elizabeth!! This visit made the start of our cruise experience less stressful.

    • Yvette M.
    • Sacramento, CA
    • 11 friends
    • 1 reviews

    My husband and I just went to a presentation today after learning about them from our county fair. I really enjoyed the presentation and love the whole concept of being your own agent. I hate the idea of timeshares. Our friends got sold into one and it has been a waste. I love that this is NOT a time share. I feel this is the best way to go if you love to travel and love to save money. My husband and I didn't sign up because we can't financially afford it since I am a stay at home Mom of two boys (5 months and 19 months) and going to college to become a medical assistant. My husband and I didn't really feel pressured by the agents. Yes, they tried their best to make it worth our wild but were totally understanding that we couldn't do it at this time. We do plan on attending another presentation in about 3-4 years when our children are older and are at a good age to start traveling with us and hopefully we will be able to afford to do so. We have dreamed of being able to go on nice family vacations every summer with the boys, but with how expensive it could be to do we thought it would always just be a dream. With this opportunity I believe our dream can become a reality. I am really glad we went to this presentation. We actually only went for the free cruise but gained much more than we expected. We even won $500 on a scratcher :-)

    • Renee Z.
    • Vacaville, CA
    • 0 friends
    • 9 reviews

    I would like to commend this company for it's integrity and follow-up.
    I have yet to experience this opportunity, however, I am encouraged to do so after my recent conversation with this company.

    Thank you for your dilligence

    • Kimberly B..
    • Sacramento, CA
    • 26 friends
    • 10 reviews

    I've been a member of the Goldrush getaways since 2004. I have benefited by saving on my own travel and at this point, I have more than paid off my purchase through my commissions. I've taken many of their classes and get support every time I call the office.

    The reason I haven't given them a five star rating is that I think they should offer members like me higher commissions and they can be sometimes slow paying the commission checks. All-in-all, if you are truly interested in purchasing travel at travel-agent rates and earning commission on travel you book for others, vs. just going for the prize in exchange for listening to a presentation about the program, then don't enter the contests at home shows and fairs. This type of marketing is typical for travel and timeshare or vacation programs and isn't for people who don't see value in making memories with family and friends.

    • E. Lynn D.
    • Daly City, CA
    • 2 friends
    • 15 reviews

    Went to the 90minute pitch meeting. Everyone with the company is very professional, polite and efficient. They are not as high pressure as a pitch for time shares, but they have to inform you of all your options to join on different financial levels. We did not join, but might consider down the road for the travel discounts. We are not retired or wealthy, so for us, it wouldn't pay to make the up front investment. I'm sure we will enjoy out "free" 4 night cruise to Catalina/Ensenada when we go in the next year. Don't know any one that has used this company, but they have been around for 18 years. The test will be how we are treated in the cruise when we go!

    • Micah V
    • Seattle, WA
    • 75 friends
    • 23 reviews

    I see a lot of reviews which are negative, but it seems to me all the negative reviews are people who didn't purchase. The people who purchase the packages love Goldrush. It's almost as if some people went there for a prize and not to learn about travel. So what is their review actually about? Is it about travel or the presentation and the ease of claiming a gift? The reviews about the Goldrush program and product are good so if you want to actually use a traveling program then you'll probably leave very happy. I personally really like Goldrush Getaways and have only had good experiences dealing with everyone involved in their company. 5 Stars

    • Liz P.
    • San Jose, CA
    • 0 friends
    • 1 reviews

    My husband and I went on the Reno Train trip (2/2015) and Elizabeth Pitcairn concert. What a delight to have "no worries". Train ride, hotel accommodation, transportation, all went smoothly. Micki, our Gold rush Rep took good care of us and added personal touches; a picture with Elizabeth Pitcairn and our group and a box of Valentine chocolates on the 14th. We learned about the California Zephyr and feel confident about using the train again. And we liked Micki so much we are checking out an Australia trip with her.

    • Marsha K.
    • Roseville, CA
    • 3 friends
    • 2 reviews

    We went on a trip to Reno by Amtrak train on February 13th and returned on the 14th.  It was a package deal that included a one night stay at the El Dorado Resort & Casino, dinner and a concert that included Elizabeth Pitcairn, the owner and very gifted soloist of the very famous 1720 "Red Mendelssohn" Stradivarius Violin.  The concert was fantastic and there were 5 standing ovations.  Great job by Micki King with Goldrush Getaways who did a wonderful job of coordinating this trip to ensure we all had a great Valentine's Day experience!  Where are we going next, Micki?

    • Jack C.
    • Lincoln, CA
    • 1 friends
    • 15 reviews

    We've been member of Goldrush Getaways for over two years. I wish we had found it sooner. We like to travel, especially going on cruises. The deals we've gotten for cruises have been fantastic and have more than paid for our investment.
    Being able to book a hotel or cruise for our personal use and get the commission is great. So many of the cruise lines offer special deals for travel agents that absolutely blow mind.
    One thing we really enjoy is the never ending training provided by various vendors as well as the Goldrush staff. It's great when you can't be there in person that most of the training is available via Webinar.

    • David S.
    • Truckee, CA
    • 0 friends
    • 8 reviews

    Great presentation by Ann Zinda.  Sold us on the program. Very happy

    • Shelley C.
    • Rocklin, CA
    • 0 friends
    • 6 reviews

    I have been an agent with Goldrush for over 3 years and this has ABSOLUTELY been the best investment we've ever made.  As most people, we were skeptical during the presentation, but saw that this was a "no brainer."  Even if you don't travel much, every booking you make for yourself, at the very least, you will get commission.  We cruise with Princess and after graduating from their on line class, we get a FREE cruise (could be 35 day world cruise, 12 days Australia/New Zealand, 10 day Tahiti), not to mention we are treated like we have traveled over 150 sea days...royalty.  When ever I book a trip, I'm always asking for travel agent rates.  If you go to their presentation because they offered you a free trip to get you there, they will carry out their promise, but don't expect a 4 star hotel and the cruise will be Carnival.  TRY TO LOOK BEYOND THE FREE TRIP.  This agency is much better than that.  Their agents are always there to help and they offer continued education several times weekly to enhance your knowledge. They also bring tour operators and cruise line reps to GR. We went on a x-mas/New years 12 days cruise to Australia and New Zealand for $999...where can you travel, get all your food, entertainment and hotel room for $83 per day.  This is a fabulous opportunity, they have been in business for 20 years and still going strong.  We are taking Princess along the British Isles (12 days), and have over $1000 ship board credit for me and my husband to use.....most are travel agent perks.  You are truly missing out if you continue to pay rack rate or even discounts with Costco travel.  Yes, the prices are probably comparative, but you WON'T get commission if you book with another travel agency.  We are getting $300 each for our commission on our June cruise. The money you pay to join is purely to give you access to travel agent resources and you get us use their IATA number, which is gold in the travel business.  DON'T MISS's fabulous and I haven't regretted our decision to join at all.

    • Helen L.
    • Sacramento, CA
    • 0 friends
    • 1 reviews

    I am very happy with the experience I have with goldrush Getaways. Everyone is always very helpful and nice working with me. When I joined as a member, I didn't know what to expect. Once I started the classes, I knew that joining was the right thing to do because of the opportunities.